Our portfolio includes supply of capital goods and after sales service for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. We have a large range of products from various principals fitted on board Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels. We are constantly focussed on maintenance work for these equipment and undertake turnkey projects with all the ship repair yards in India. Dolphin has also entered into AMC/RRC agreements with Indian Navy for the installed base to ensure the equipment are running smoothly and minimizing downtime.


CG Pump

Vertical in-line single stage pump in single suction impeller, radially split casing with flexible spacer coupling and hydrodynamic sleeve bearing.

C2G Pump

Vertical in-line overhung pumps with single suction impeller, radially split casing with rigid coupling options. Comes with ball bearings and mechanical seal as an integral unit which enables a very quick maintenance turnaround time.


The CGX pump is a single-suction inline centrifugal pump, designed for a reliable and efficient operation. It comes with three pressure classes which are CGL, CGM & CGH and a large number of pump sizes.

CA Pump

Between bearings pumps which can operate in both vertical inline foot mounted and horizontal installations. Available in both single and two stage impeller. Compact axially split casing design with double suction capabilities with low NPSH requirement.

CB Pump

Between bearings single stage double suction impeller pumps that can operate in both vertical and horizontal installations. Low shaft stiffness ratio and compact design in multiple orientations.

Cargo Oil & Ballast Pumping Systems

Characterised by a separate pump room in front of the engine room, Cargo oil and ballast pumping system offers easy access for inspection and maintenance as well as great flexibility in choice of prime mover.

Dolphin Pump

Vertical in-line, single-stage, single/double suction, overhung pumps with rigid coupling, radially split. Option for external bearings/flexible coupling on vertical single suction pumps. Horizontal end suction, single stage, single suction, overhung pumps close-coupled or base-plated with flexible coupling.

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Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants (STPs) from Wärtsilä are the most cost-effective and safe answer for every ship or offshore platform to dispose of wastewater at sea.

Vacuum Collection System

The vacuum collection systems from Wärtsilä Water & Waste use differential air pressure to transport sewage from the toilet bowls, and other sanitary fittings, to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) or independent collection tank.

Vacuum Toilet System

Wärtsilä vacuum toilets have been designed to be mechanically simple, operationally reliable, and stylish in appearance. By using only approximately 1 liter of water per flush, the amount of wastewater is dramatically reduced.

Single Stage Desalination Plants

Wärtsilä’s Single Stage Desalination (SSD) plant generates high quality freshwater in an energy efficient way. With a capacity from 8 to 35 tons/day, it is ideal for converting seawater for use as drinking or technical water onboard ships or offshore installations.

Horizontal inner Tube Evaporator (HiTE)

The Wärtsilä Horizontal inner Tube Evaporator (HiTE) is a multi-effect evaporator specifically designed for producing small to medium capacities of 30 to 175 tons of distillate per day. The HiTE operates smoothly even at partial load.

Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) Evaporator

Wärtsilä's Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) evaporator is used for producing distillate (fresh water) from sea, well or industrial water. The MSF is able to produce up to 1500 tons of distillate per day.

Oily Water Separators

With the aid of Wärtsilä's Advanced Oily Water Separators all environmental aspects regarding bilge water issues are easily handled. They give the operator effective control over all bilge media as well as over any discharges made into the sea.

Ballast Water Management Systems

Wärtsilä Water & Waste takes pride in developing two advanced lines of Aquarius Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) that enable vessels of all types to meet the performance discharge obligations. BWMS offerings, one based on filtration & UV and the other on filter & side stream electro-chlorination (EC).

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